With an insatiable desire to reach beyond these frames, to discover that which we are conditioned against believing, to explore every aspect of my consciousness and energy body as I can, I have always been drawn to the occult, to meditation, energy work, yoga, teaching plants, and anything else related to consciousness exploration and expansion.

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Meditation Retreat in Yelapa, Mexico
$2000 (USD) donation per person / 8 day retreat

I sponsor spiritual meditation retreats at the Los Naranjos Retreat Center in the fishing village of Yelapa, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. I was so impressed that I put up standing deposits for two retreats a year, and will continue to return twice a year to this little corner of paradise.

It is the setting, as much as the retreat center itself, that creates the magical environment that lifts participants out of their daily routines and concerns, and immerses them in a simpler, more sane way of being in the world.

The village and the entire valley are cut off from civilization by the Sierra Madres. The roads and even the electric lines, coming down the coast from Puerto Vallarta, stop 10 miles short of Yelapa. The only access into the village is by boat or by mule over mountain trails.

Throughout the valley there are no cars or motorcycles. Bicycles only made their first appearance in Yelapa this last Christmas, but are still rare. Most kids still walk or ride donkeys.

At Los Naranjos there are no telephones, TVs, faxes, or even electricity. It is the absence of the modern world that makes this experience so rare and so magical.

Participants are often amazed at how quickly they adjust to this simpler lifestyle, and how little they miss electricity. At night the valley and surrounding mountains are so dark that the sky lights up with stars. Dinner is served by candlelight, and candles placed along paths through out the grounds lead participants back to their rooms at bedtime.

Each day is another opportunity to explore the sacrament of Salvia Divinorum or Ayahuasca, as well as the chance to engage in activities such as Hatha Yoga, workshops, discussions, visualization exercises, hiking, excursions to waterfalls and island reefs, and much, much more.

The most important thing to understand about the schedule is that absolutely everything is optional.

All levels of students are welcome. First time spiritual explorers always feel perfectly comfortable working alongside more experienced students. First time yoga students will feel perfectly comfortable working alongside more experienced students. There is always at least one, and often as many as three, additional teachers assisting with his retreats. This means lots of personal attention for each participant. While one teacher works with beginning students, another teacher is free to challenge the more advanced students.

Lastly, we also have out-of-this-world vegetarian cooking...

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"We have but a brief moment in these human frames, and when we combine deep spiritual practice with a meditative life, we can
experience our true nature and the nature of eternity. Once we gain such perspective, we can realize the importance of compassion,
love, the preservation of the Earth and all of its people. Then, hopefully through example alone, we can help
to make the world a more loving, compassionate, peaceful, and non-trivial place than it was before."

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